At Lynn Urgent Care we provide wide range of comprehensive Lab Services

Why Have Laboratory Testing Done at Our Urgent Care?

At Lynn Urgent Care we take great pride in offering our patients the convenience of in-house lab services. That means our patients immediately get the testing they need—and they get the results right away. Our labs are state-of-the-art facilities equipped to handle a wide range of medical tests. Each lab is staffed by experienced professionals who are committed to delivering a superior level of patient care and attention.

Pro tip: the majority of common tests run at your doctor can be done at urgent care. A quality urgent care center can do everything from blood tests to EKG diagnostics, minus the hassle.

Part of what makes Lynn Urgent Care a great place to get your laboratory tests done is the price! We are definitely a cheaper option then ER, hospital and even your primary care office. And there is a very high chance your insurance will cover it!

List of Urgent Care Lab Services
See below for a list of common lab tests and services offered by Lynn Urgent Care Note: this is just an example of lab services – some urgent care centers do not offer every service below.

Strep throat
Influenza (the flu)
Pregnancy testing or Verify that Home Pregnancy Test
Drug testing
Hemoccult (Non-Visible Blood in Stool)
Rapid BV (Vaginal infections)